Natamame Image

Jack Bean is well known from the english fairy tale ”Jack and Bean Stalk”

After white color flower bloom over the summer, it will have large bean about 40m (16inches) long. It is an annual plant belongs to the legume family. It is planted in the spring and harvested in the end of August in Tanba where we live. It has been used as a material in Chinese medicine.

We call it Jack Bean as ”NATAMAME” based on the shape of the bean is resembled with NATA which is farmer’s tool to cut harvest. Jack Bean is often used in the traditional japanese pickle dish called “Fukujinzuke.”

Our farmers are aware of Jack Bean’s effectiveness from generations to generations. We enjoy having this Jack Bean as a Tea and Pickles. In recent years the Japanese peoples realized true power of Jack Bean and getting popular among health conscious people.

Jack Bean plant is originated in the tropics of Asia and Africa, and it was introduced to japan by the Qing dynasty at the beginning of the Edo period. It was also used as an effective remedy in the cleaning of wounds in the old days. It is also said to help improving kidney function, empyema, periodontal disease and pyorrhea, as well as prevent certain excretory problems nasal inflammation and bad breath.We grow Jack Bean with Great heartful care and organic fertilizer without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers containing chemicals.


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