Voice Of Customer

Miss Wong, 64 years old, Hong Kong


I have been suffering from insomnia for more than 20 years as a result of frequent urination during the night. The doctor said the kidney shall be weakened with the age and there was little I could do for improvement.

Surprisingly, the number of urination was reduced from 4 times to 1 time when I first try on the Jack Bean Supplement. I did not even have to get up on the fifth day and slept through the night. Now I keep on taking the supplement as I believe it does not only help enhance my kidney function but also the body health with good quality of sleeping.


香港  黃小姐  64歲




– Joyce from Hong Kong


Jack Bean Tea
Translation: picked up tea at a supermarket’s promotion. Tried it for 10 days, stomach does not feel bloated after meal; no more bad breath, detox effect is good with less water retention. As I am a health conscious person I will continue drinking the tea.


Tooth Gel

Translation: I feels the toothpaste’s benefit after using for a week…whiter teeth and no more bad breath, plaque… refreshing. I wants to introduce to others .