JackBeanTea In 2015 Summer Is In Progress.

It Will Reach To The Green Arch soon. Some Starts White Flowers.

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Our tea was introduced by the popular Japanese women’s fashion and style magazine called “an an”.

“Jack Bean Tea will support your inner body beauty by supporting kidney function through Urase (enzyme).” 

March 18, 2015


Our Jack Bean Tea was introduced by the Japanese popular pop star group V6, Mr. Nagano  in the TV magazine called “GEKKAN TV GUIDE (Monthly TV Guide).

Mr. Nagano visited “Hyogo prefecture merchandise store” in Tokyo.  He was asked to pick the most hot product which he is interested in.  He choose our tea as one of the hot product at the store!!!

March, 2015


Dear Jack Bean Tea Friends,

We want to thank you for all of you stopping by our promotion at the SOGO Department Store in December.  Also thank you so much to those that have placed follow-up order – we really appreciate your support!!  SOGO in Caseway Bay carries SMALL pack (for mug cup).  If you want to purchase Large pack or our new Tooth Gel, please visit our website at www.jackbeantea.com or give us a call/what’sup/SMS at 6388-5668.

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Thanks again for all of your support.

Stay Healthy!

Monkey and the Jack Bean Tea team

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